Posted by: peanutmaster | October 25, 2008

Peanutmaster Autumn Updates 2008

Hey, everybody, Peanutmaster here!

This Autumn will be filled with the best reviews, cheats and guides for all the consoles out there! And, to get us through the cold months ahead, the team has come up with alot of new posts; here’s just some of what’s coming up for the rest of this year:

  • The Best Polls Around! So far, we have created a few, like ‘best game bosses’, and ‘hottest game girls’ (which can be found on the site now) and we are coming up with more as I type this!
  • Gargantuan Reviews for the best games out there, like Star Wars: Force Unleashed, and WarioLand!
  • Previews for games AND consoles, like Pokemon Platinum and the DSI!
  • The best videos,bringing you cheats, tips and laughs!
  • More guides, and BIGGER!!
  • The biggest Game Countdown EVER! The games have been voted by you, and the results will be coming soon!!…
  • A whole lot more Fall Fun!

So, those are just some of the reasons why you should stay with Peanutmaster as we wrap warm and bring you Peanutmaster at it’s BIGGEST YET!


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