Posted by: peanutmaster | October 24, 2008

Hottest Game Girls



  1. hottest game girls????
    L i do believe you are rather perverted!
    and its just wrong to have princes peach porn tbh :L:L

  2. I think Princess Peach is very pretty… 😛 Does anyone else agree?

  3. no

  4. oh… Well, I am sure someone else does… Somewhere….

  5. laurence, i proved that pikachu is on the globe!!!

    look at the bit with china and russia nd stuff upside down! depends wt color map u hav tho…

  6. I kinda see what you mean…. no, wait… No. Do u spend your time looking for Pokemon in maps then?

  7. yes 😀

  8. I dunno why this came up, but pikachu is officially on the map! I found that on my map russia & china are yellow and mongolia is orange so it looks like pikachu! It may sound random, but with the right map you can SEE PIKACHU!

  9. ye i told u!

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