Posted by: peanutmaster | October 21, 2008

Little Big Planet News

Today I heard that Little Big Planet’s release date was to be held back. Again. But what had happened now?

Every copy so far had had to be destroyed, and the whole game recorrected. But what had gone wrong? Nothing. The simple fact was, people that that the music was offensive. WHAT THE HELL!?

Apparently, the background music contained phrases from the Muslin holy book. And I thought it was just the burbling of Loco Roco style murmering. Clearly not. But alas, maybe one day, hopefully in the near future, we WILL be playing Little Big Planet, as little sack people, content with the not-offensive-to-muslim’s music.

UPDATE: Finally, Little Big Planet has been relesed! Bless all of those developers who helped it all happen! A review will be comming soon! 😀


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