Posted by: peanutmaster | October 21, 2008

Assault Cube – Online

A game I can actually play on my computer!!!

Your mates have just cleared out the passage to the enemy flag and it looks pretty clear. Your team mate tells you to go ahead to get the flag. Suddenly all hell breaks loose as sniper fire and machine gun bullets rage through your envading party and one teamate turns to meaty chunks. A small group (plus you) run to get flag and are mostly picked off. You give cover from fire to the guy with the flag. You desparately call for back up and as you get closer to your flag you see a large group of your guys ready to defend, you get hit a few times and the flag carrier goes down! So you pick up the flag in the chaos and stumble to your flag to get one point then just repeat the process!!!

This is pretty much what Assault Cube is about. Not, as the name states, cubes assaulting each other. Although that would be good. But this is better than any cube assaulting game. It’s definitly the best Online First Person Shooter I have played.

The graphics are like  a Ps1 games. But this is an online game game we’re talking about. And it’s a great fps, with brilliant teamwork (teamates who are real people are much better than retarded AI) and that makes very good gameplay. Skills are needed in Assault Cube, so this is for anyone who has played any good first person shooter and wants to ramp it up to the next level!

The only majorly bad thing is that you have to download it. Not bad for some, but for others…. Still, Assault Cube is very fun! Try it now!


WARNING UPDATE!! Recently my friend tried to download Assault Cube and got a virus. No-ne else has had this problem to my knowledge, but if you have please tell us! Play this with care.

Written by Peanut, who reviews the online games. See more of his reviews on the Mini Reviews page.



  1. He won’t get a virus if he downloads it at the official homepage (download from SourceForge). I downloaded it a week ago and am fine.
    Official homepage:

  2. thanks for this update.

  3. This is a great game. I first played it when it was called Action Cube. You forgot to mention it is very dial-up friendly! (not including the download ;p)
    Another cool feature is that you can make your own maps and then play them with other people online and even better is that you can make maps online with other people too.

    Nice site by the way.

  4. And its version 1.0 out now. 🙂 (new maps, crouching, voice messages, spectator mode)

  5. how you down load version 1.0?

    lol i dont know where to find it

  6. same link like before:

    It’s 40MB now, but the changes are worth it.

  7. yeah i downloaded it now but sometimes u get a thing come up that says assault cube fatal error.i think it gives you a short time error which you cant go on assalut cube until youuninstall it.

    but you can just really insatall it after.

  8. Strange, if you use some kind of Linux, I think there’s a description somewhere how to install it. I had no problems with it yet, but if your problems persist, try their forum:

  9. Hi
    Actually I want to now how you can play assalt cube in online.
    I can just play singlepleyer

  10. ive played CounterStrike Source and thought it was a fun fps, but this game (surprisingly for me!) almost matched it! although this game only has 7 weapons, this game ruled because
    1.the graphics suck, but this makes the game smoother even when a player is lagging
    2.this game is only around 40 mb, give or take depending on the comp ur usin.
    3.ITS FREE! anyone can get it!

    • I actually think the graphics are pretty good, but it depends on who made the level. Its certainly not PS1 quality for some maps, the better maps are Half life 1 quality for PS2.

      Its smooth though and always full of people and for such a small download, anyone on this planet can have a slice of online FPS action for free.

      For 40mb its top notch and lots of fun.

      Also try ‘Smokin Guns’ for a free wild west FPS.

  11. like i said up there

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