Posted by: peanutmaster | October 8, 2008

Star Wars Battlefront III Ideas

Star Wars Battlefront II Is a brilliant game that just gives you the urge to wonder what Battlefront III would be like IF it were ever made…. Heres a compilation of what I would want…


  • Firstly, more areas, like Industrial coruscant or tatooine dunes
  • More Jedi Like Plo Koon, Kit FIsto, Oppo Ranicis, Yaddle etc, As number II has aayla secura when shes in for 30 seconds in all of them and Kit Fistos in about 10 mins in number 3 alone!
  • Heroes in Space Battles. As that would be awsome.
  • More realistic force powers, and a wider selection of weapons, like an electro staff.
  • More factions, such as Jabbas warriors or Wampas, possibly even the bounty hunter guild.
  • More heroes in general, like, Zam Wessel or Commander Cody.
  • Jedi and sith should be able to withdraw their lightsabers.
  • Hero battles on EVERY map instead of just Mos Eisly. Going round Hoth as General Grevious tryng to hunt down Princess Leia or Yoda would be brilliant fun!

Comment if you can think of any more!! D


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