Posted by: peanutmaster | October 6, 2008

Pokemon Of The Week – Porygon-Z


Porygon-Z appears similar to Porygon2, albeit darker in color. Most notably, its head is detached from the body, much like Porygon’s legs, with no visible neck and yellow eyes with a bull’s-eye shaped pattern. Its bill is more round, and doesn’t curve down as it did in its Porygon2 stage. On its head is a small, horn-like structure, which is the least-rounded appendage on its body. Its legs are now wing-like, and its posture resembles that of a hummingbird. The tail is a little pumper, with the blue pattern on it’s chest no longer being isolated and now connecting to its legs/wings.

Gender differences

Porygon-Z is genderless.

Special abilities

Porygon-Z, and its pre-evolved forms, Porygon, and Porygon2, are the only known Pokémon that learn Conversion, Conversion 2, and Sharpen.


Being a cybernetic Pokémon, it exhibits the behavior that was programmed into it as a Porygon. However, it may also display emotions and some erratic behavior that was not a part of its programming. Porygon-Z can sometimes be seen shaking rapidly for a short time. Whether this is intentional or a glitch is unknown.


Porygon-Z normally live in cyberspace, but they can live practically anywhere due to the lack of the need to breathe.

In the anime

As with Porygon2, it is currently believed that Porygon-Z will not appear in the anime as a result of the Electric Soldier Porygon incident, except possibly as a brief cameo.


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