Posted by: peanutmaster | September 29, 2008

Pokemon Of The Week – Probopass


Type: Rock/Steel

Compass Pokemon

Probopass has small round eyes, in contrast to Nosepass’s perpetually closed ones. Its nose is much bigger in proportion to its body and has a bushy “mustache.” The “mustache” appears to be iron filings caught by its magnetic nose. It has three small objects on its sides and back that look like Nosepass; they are called “Mini-Noses” by the Pokédex. These “Mini-Noses” can be detached and form a new Nosepass. It also has a big hat-like magnet on top of its head.


Probopass appeared in Nosing ‘Round The Mountain!, under Alan’s ownership. It reappeared in a flashback in DP093 where it was shown to have defeated Fantina’s Gengar.

In DP062 Professor Oak’s Lecture was on Probopass.


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