Posted by: peanutmaster | September 28, 2008

Thrillville: Off The Rails – Lucas Arts – PsP, Ps2, Ds, WII, Pc

ThrillVille. Own a park. Create a coaster. Get Bored.

That pretty much sums up this game completely. Thrilleville is great at the start, but  after a few hours, you’ll have built some coasters, made some money and got bored.

Lucas Arts really could have made a better job here. Those guys made the brilliant Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and LEGO Indiana Jones! Alright, the visuals are good and SOME of the minigames are great, but the overall game isn’t up to scratch.

Some of the minigames, as I said, are great, and they do play a major part in the whole game. There are platformer games, like Sparkle Island, shooters and even racing. But the aircraft flying is absolutley awesome.

Nothing much is wrong with Thrillville: Off The Rails. Except the facts that the mssions are easy, the game gets boring and tedious and it’s all so samey, It is a good game. Building rollercoasters is brilliant fun, and the visuals are great.

But overall, there is that key thing missing. That key thing that every great game has. That key thing called long life.



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