Posted by: peanutmaster | September 26, 2008

Online Nerd Speak Made Simple

Everybody likes to chat online, wether to mates, collegues or the pedo down the road… Anyways, not even the best nerd knows exactly what all the online shortenings and word changings mean. So here’s a compilation of the best and hardest to understand. If you know any more, please leave them in the coments box below!


BRB = Be Right Back

OMG = Oh My God/ Gosh (from what I gather, pink chavs use the latter option more)

TMI = Too Much Information

ILY = I Love You

LOL = Laugh Out Loud/ Lots Of Love (dont say one when you meant the other – you could change a romantic convo ito somethink different if the other person doesn’t understand..)

LMSO = Laugh My Socks Off

LMAO = Laugh My Arse Off

LMFAO = Laugh My f*****g Arse Off

GAL = Get A Life

ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing

OX = Hugs And Kisses

DP = Display Picture

IDC = I Dont Care

BMFL = Best Mates For Life

LUAAM = Love You As A Mate



  1. cba = cnt b a***d
    cbf = cnt b f****d
    biab = bck in a bit
    POS = parent over shoulder
    w/b = write bck
    w.e = wateverrr

    u can probably tell im slightly obsessed wiv msn, sad iyno. here are just a few iyno ^^^^^^^
    sweeeeet mate xx

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