Posted by: peanutmaster | September 25, 2008

Pokemon Of The Week – Dusknoir


Dusknoir is this week’s Pokemon Of The Week. Here’s a little at about it:

Type – ghost

Gripper Pokemon

Dusknoir’s body is mostly black, with two almond shaped eye-like markings and a yellow horizontal zigzag line on this Pokémon’s torso which can open like a mouth (creating the illusion of a face) and fire powerful attacks. Dusknoir has now developed arms. Two yellow bands are near its black wrists and its gray hands are similar to Dusclops’s. Dusknoir has a gray, cylinder-shaped head with another yellow band near the top and a single black eye with a yellow iris and a red pupil. Dusknoir has a ghostly tail instead of feet like Dusclops, resembling the stereotypical depiction of a genie. Dusknoir has a yellow antenna on top of its head in which allows this Pokémon to receive transmissions from the spirit world which tell it to bring people there. In addition, it may have ties to the Grim Reaper, as the player needs a Reaper Cloth in order for it to evolve.

It uses it’s antenna on its head to contact the sprit world.

Gender differences


Dusknoir in the Anime

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  1. that is the most straight description i have ever heard of pokemon! Can you tell me more about the spirit world and ghosts who enter the pokemon world?

    • thanks alot! of course I will! More on pokemon comming soon!! 🙂

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