Posted by: peanutmaster | September 12, 2008

Club penguin News Update

September is a great time  for Club Penguin (not just for the fact that it’s snowing all the time there, whilst were stuck with scummy Autumn weather). The CP News came out today, and  here’s the main events.

On September 12th: The theme for the Stage is a “mystery”. You have to search around for clues and use the script to help you! Also a new pin will be hidden.

On September 19th: A new Igloo Catolog will come out! Be sure to earn coins when it arrives.

On September 26th: One of Club Penguin’s favourite parties will return! The Fall Fair will have lots of games,prizes, and more!

On October 3rd: The Penguin Style Catolog will come out and be sure to get prepared for Halloween!

There are 3 major parties happening in the next few weeks.

The 2nd Fall Fair makes a return to Club Penguin! It’ll be similiar like last year. Here’s a sneak peek:



I can’t be too sure, but this sneak peek looks like a rainbow thing, cotton candy or ice cream with sprinkles, and gumballs. or a ball playpen?

October 24th: Club Penguin will be celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday! Be sure not to miss out as this event last for 1 day only!

The Halloween party makes another return to Club Penguin, and it’s spookier then ever!



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