Posted by: peanutmaster | September 11, 2008

Spore Cheats

Insert the cheats listed below on the left for the desired result. The cheat console is opened by holding CTRL, SHIF, and C keys simultaneously. Keep in mind that some cheats will only work during some phases (or in some menus) of the game.

  • addDNA – Gives you more DNA to utilize (in mating/creation menu only)
  • capturePlanetGIF – Captures a 360 degree .gif file of your current planet
  • freeCam – The camera is freed up
  • help X – Discusses various commands and actions, where X equals the command or action
  • killallhints – No hints will appear during your playthrough
  • moreMoney – Gives you more money to utilize (tribal/civ mode)
  • refillMotives – Fills health completely
  • setConsequenceTrait X – Set your trait, where X equals the trait
  • SetTime (X, Y) – Set time, where X equals the hour and Y equals the minute
  • spaceCreate – Unlock all tools while in space
  • styleFilter-filmNoir – View the game in black and white
  • styleFilter-none – Bring your view back to the default setting
  • styleFilter-oilPaint – Make your view appear as an oil painting
  • unlockSuperWeapons – Unlocks each super weapon (civ mode)



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