Posted by: peanutmaster | September 2, 2008

Sinnoh World Map

Here is a map of Sinnoh, the homeworld of Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl. Sorry about the words not being that clear. Hope this helps!



  1. You can’t get Darkrai in the game, because you have to get something out side of Diamond/Pearl game.

    • you can get Darkrai in this one all’s you need is a friend to send you like 10 gifts and if you go to a poke-mart in I think Jubilife city and talk to the guy in the green shirt he gives you a instrument (I forget which one) you then go to the place you found Cresselia and play it and it teleports you to the island where you find Darkrai

      • no that is wrong you do not you simpily get action replay

  2. you can get Darkrai in platinum.
    as with Shaymin.
    you can get Arceus from battle revo.

  3. at route 224 therei s a rock that says it is unmarked its like a mioror, what do you have to do there?

    • The rock on Route 224 is also like the locked house. Nintendo will give off “Oak’s Letters”, which will cause Oak to come at the rock. Talk to him, answer the question, and a video will play, and Shaymin, a legendary unobtainable anywhere else, will appear, then head down a path. At the end of the path, Shaymin will be sitting there.

      I don’t know when this event is, sorry.

  4. does anyone know when the next pokemon event is happening in north america? someone on google posted that when there is an event, and it happens in the US, it’ll happen in all of north america. so, does anyone know?

  5. can you get Darkri with out a poke event or a action replay or something like that?

  6. where can I find Manaphy, and how do I get him?

    • you also can get manaphy by pokemon ranger

  7. well, theres a Pokemon event pretty much everyday in the pokemon center in NYC…

    you can, but only with Platinum, check out 🙂

  8. Manaphy and Darkrai were already givin out in events,But Shaymin hasn’t been givin out unless you use an Action Replay.Arceus hasn’t been givin out unless you use Action Replay.Does that help anyone?

  9. The shaymin event is on February 8-16. Hope I helped.Click here to learn more.

  10. hey, does anyone know what pokemon do I use the dawn stone on?

  11. If no one can anser that then can some one tell me how do i get munchlax

    • Two Pokémon of certain gender evolve with the Dawn Stone:
      a male Kirlia into Gallade and a female Snorunt into Froslass.

      ok well you need to put honey on a honey tree and wait but if you wait over a day then the pokemon in the honey tree will disapear.
      btw munchlax is the rarest pokemon in the honey tree so dont expect to find one on your first try. Hope this helps!

      • or you can go on the wifi club and trade with someone

      • or you can trade with a friend

  12. what will happen if i have every pokemon’s Data in the natural pokedex?

    • oak will come and give you oaks letter

  13. Whats up with the Alterating cave?

    • Wat cave is that then?

  14. in a magazine i read, a lv. 100 regigagas (or however its spelled) is selling at toys r us, for only like a week. the magazine was nintendo power, and it was the april edition this year. soooo, yea.

  15. HEY!!! if AR IS NOT associated with nintendo, and pokemond diamond and pearl ARE from nintendo, THEN HOW COME THERE’S THE MYSTERY ZONE?!?!

    • I dont know. If anybody does, Please tell us!

  16. Just like missingno its a default in the game its a gliched area that was used for testing.I think anyway.

  17. its a default place like ET^ said, although Missingo was used to stop ARs in the earlier games, along with Bad Eggs 🙂

  18. how do you get to a different reigon in platinum

  19. how do you go to a different reigon

  20. hello any body in the interent world that can help me

  21. hello


    hello super geeks

  22. wer do u find finieon,barboach and cherrim

    • In the region of sinnoh. LOL!!!

    • you can find chrrim in a honey tree by etrna forest and finneon and reomard well finneon in water and reomard b macking it a egg or catch it in wate by surfing or fishing

  23. Okay Shaymin, you don’t go to another reigon, there’s just pokemon from a different reigon mixed in with Sinnoh Pokemon.

    • well i looked on different web sites and said that you get a ticket to go to another reigon

  24. does anybody know where to get a gligar or do you need a national dex to catch a gligar

  25. were do you get a arceas or arcus flute

  26. i have about 99 elekid that are not strng but kinda rare to get if any body has any connection to wi-fi by may 1st i would happily trade them

  27. Where do you get Manaphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Matthew, I think you can find them on the route to The Elite Four (Between victory road and Sunyshore City)

    • no you don’t you find manaphy by trading over from pokemon ranger

  29. hay just leave me a message if anybody disagrees with me

  30. ally are you on ally

  31. hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello i really need help on pokemon if any body gets this message please please i reallly need help on pokemon platinum just meet me on this same website at the date of march 10,2009

    • i’m sorry i ment 2010

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