Posted by: peanutmaster | September 1, 2008

Club Penguin Coin Glitch Update

The coin glitch which has now been solved. This means that if you try it, you will be automatically banned.

For those who didnt get to try out the coin cheat, this is what it was;

  > Log into any of the SAFE CHAT SERVERS.

 > Go to the night club and walk up to the Dj game like you were about to play it, but when a blue box pops up asking if you want to play dont click yes or no.

 > Instead press tab on your keyboard – a yellow box should appear.

 > Keep pressing tab until the yellow box appears around your home icon in the toolbar. (It may take you thirty clicks on the tab before it is around your home icon. It just depends on how many penguins are in the night club).

 > Press enter when the yellow box is around your home icon.

 > When you arrive in your igloo the blue box will still be there asking you to play.

 > Press yes. Once you press yes it will take you to the dj game to play, don’t start playing. Instead press the X to leave. It will say you have earned 0 coins.

 > Then press the X again and it will say you have won 350 coins. Keep pressing the X to get more and more coins until your bored of doing it.

 > To get out of the game once you don’t want anymore coins press log off.




  1. Yeah, It worked until you try to hit the exit button multiple times. Once the exit button is pushed more then once, auto disconnect will activate and you will be sent to the terms of use page. That’s a shame, but hopefully a new glitch will be found once Club Penguin screws up their action scripting again.

  2. It didnt ban me. I did it about tried 5 times after it stopped working and it just boots me from the server. It doesnt ban me.

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