Posted by: peanutmaster | August 24, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Nintendo – Gamecube

What happens when you put the best of Nintendo’s heroes together and make them destroy each other with mind-blowing signiture moves in stunning brawls? You get this, possibly the best fighter I have played.

For those sad enough to have not played  Super Smash Bros. Melee, it’s all about Nintendo’s stars from the near-forgotten classics like The Ice Climbers to the Ninetendo stars like Mario, along with Bowser, Link, Zelda, Yoshi, Ness, Pikachu and more pitting it out in fast-paced brawls in visually stunning locations from around the characters history. Whilst travelling through the different lands, collect up to nearly 300 trophies showing off your skills and the background behind Nintendo’s all-stars.

As well as the classic fighting mode, where players fight their way through an assortment of characters (to a final battle with a random glove….WTF…) there is also Adventure mode, exploring the stories behind each character and a special mode where you must fight your way through different battles with different specifications. To finish the single player mode off, their is also a few minigames to play.

But what would a Nintendo game be without multiplayer? This game is (of course) no exeption, with the multiplayer being better than the single player! There’s just that little thing that makes it better than any other multiplayer I have played in most games! Maybe it’s that feeling when your Kirby is standing proud on the screen as your mate’s Mario lies dead… In single player mode you just can’t look at your mate and laugh as you thrash him.

There is lots of collectables to find in Super Smash Bros. Melee. For a start, there is nearly 300 trophies to collect that take on the form of the main characters and their minor characters and enemies. These can be found by either completing a character’s adventure mode and classic mode stories or just found randomly strewn around the different modes. There is also a lottery machine where you can spend the tokens you collect throughout modes. There is also five special characters to unlock by completing different requirements. On top of all this, five extra stages are also unlockable for players to brawl on.

Compared to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Melee doesn’t seem as bad as you would think. The graphics are almost as good as it’s newer brother, and the only big difference is the characters. Yes, there ARE more in Brawl, but the only one’s I seem to play as also appear in Melee. The gameplay is very similar, but maybe in the end, the Wii has breathed new life into the Gamecube classic.



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