Posted by: peanutmaster | August 14, 2008

Pokemon Platinum Preview And Official Trailer (Japan)

The next Pokemon game has been announced! When I first heard this I thought it was all a hoax, but after investigation I have found this is the real thing! Here’s what it’s all about (and I must say, it sounds cooler than Diamond and Pearl!)

– Pokemon Platinum is scheduled to be released in Japan on September 17. The dates for the rest of the world have not been announced yet.

– Giratina, the third of the Dragon Trio (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina) will be appearing in the cover of Pokemon Platinum.

– A special promo Ds kit will be released too!

– The below picture shows the Pokemon Platinum cover art and the new promo Ds in original colour (Platinum White).

 – A new item called the Battle Recorder is going to be introduced. This can be used to record your best battles and send them anywhere in the world.

– The story is slightly different to those of Diamond and Pearl. Sinnoh is colder and something has happened to Mount Coronet, opening a void to Giratina’s home world called ‘Ruined World’. Here, Giratina takes on his ‘Origin Forme’:

 – (I prefer the form Giratina takes in Diamond/ Pearl. To me it seems more fearsome. What do you think?)

– Because of the colder climate in Sinnoh, the main characters have wrapped up! This new design is accompanied by the Poketech’s new design.

I hope this game lives up to the standard set by Diamond/ Pearl and I will add more to this preview as I get information.



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so want this. i have a tragic story:

    my diamond started acting up. whenever i saved correctly and turned the game off and i came back, the save file was corrupted and i lost one of my pokemon. so when i got manaphy, i got super nervous. i stopped playing. i traded 4 special pokemon, including manaphy, to my brother and started over, hoping maybee it would fix it. when he gave them back, i played for a while and i turned it off. when i came back, the file was gone. everything was gone. i actually cried………. i was so frustrated. so maybee if i save up i can get another ranger and platinum.

    • wow, that is a sad story :/

      pokemon platinum is going to be great and I hope if you do get it the same problem wont happen all over again

  2. similar story happened to me.
    i wont go into details. but itis fixed now/
    i feel well sorry for you 😦

    go on Serebii for a more in depth review of the game. 🙂

    im writing the review for ACCF now so itll probs be ready for christmas 🙂 so if anyones thinking of getting it with christmas money 🙂

    lol did u no Gun N Roses are in THREE episodes of the simpsons?

  3. Wow that is sad,too bad ='(

    Pokemon platinum comes out spring 2009 i think.It looks like the best game in the Pokemon series.

  4. Yes it does, Shadows of Almia is also looking good, despite some negative comments from various mags and websites.
    ONM said its good, and ive played the demo on the NIntendo channel on the Wii, its gone now though 😦
    replaced by NinjaTown – an amazing game 🙂

  5. OH YA!!!!! MARCH 22ND PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAH HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    i preordered it at gamestop!!!!!!!

    its gunna be friggin sweet!!!!!!

    • Yeah it’s gunna be ace! I cant wait at all!

  6. i heard the japanese version you can catch arceus with out having to work hard [except work your butt off to catch him].

  7. OH. MY. GOD. this is gonna be the best pokemon game ever made in history according to me!!! andi played every game from pokemon gold to pokemon dash!! i bet that when it comes here to canada, itll be sold out everywhere!! im serious!! i WILL strangle someone for it. as soon as it comes out, im there!!! omg, im so excited im gonna wet myself!! jk!!

    • yeah, I can’t wait either. I don’t think I’ll wet myself though.

  8. great vid, man! visit my site!!!

    • Thanks and wow, your site is awsome! Great tips for making Pokemon Sprites, thanks!


    PokemonKid or Slick

    • I agree – It is the greatest series ever! It’s a good idea to reserve a copy; it’s going to be completely sold out when it’s released!

  10. I can’t wait ether!! You can’t trust EVERYTHING you see on the web, so be carful for fony facts!!! The real release date in the USA is March 22, 2009. If you go to
    , you can reserve a copy and have them ship it to you. I know that I will!! Or you can buy a researve card for 5$ ( I know, kind of pricey, but read the next part!) and you’ll get a Giritena origen form figure!! I don’t think it would be very big, but it’s still pretty cool!! Visit my website for more info:

    Go to and then click off to the side on the tab that says Pokemon Platinum!! Keep in mind that I don’t update it everyday, so you might have to wait awhile…

  11. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I MIGHT RESERVE A COPY ONCE WE GO TO TOY’S ‘R’ US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What’s the name of that blonde guy?

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