Posted by: peanutmaster | July 21, 2008

Top Ten HARDEST Video Game Bosses

A personal list on the ten hardest bosses I have ever faced in video games. This list is entirely my opinion. If you feel there’s another boss that should be on this list, feel free to shout out. But keep the negative comments to yourself. You’ll just get a negative comment review anyway. Anyways, enjoy the video!


10: The Shadow Queen (Paper Mario: TTYD)
Length of Battle: Long
# of different attacks: High
Annoyingness: Low
She’s on this mainly due to the fact that her AND her hands attack you, and she has high HP.

9: Omega (Final Fantasy 5)
Length of Battle: Very Short
# of attacks: A lot
Annoyingness: Very High
This thing can remove party members from battle PERMANENTLY (until the battle ends) and has wicked powerful other moves. Too bad you can kill it in one hit.

8: The Biolizard (Sonic Adventure 2)
Length of Battle: Medium
Variety of attacks: A lot of difficult-to-dodge attacks
Annoyingness: High
The final few attacks this thing uses are obscene, especially the final attack. You can’t get back any rings you drop when floating in the air, so two hits from the floating eggs, and you’re screwed.

7: Bouldergeist (Prankster Comet, Super Mario Galaxy)
Length of Battle: Short
Variety of attacks: Quite a few once it gets hands
Annoyingness: High
You only have ONE HP to kill this thing. And its flying rocks home in on you. Talk about a disadvantage.

6: Elite Four (Pokemon Emerald)
JUST BEAR WITH ME. I found the Elite Four hard on the first playthrough, so please, don’t go complaining about how you find them to be easy.
Length of battle: Drake and Wallace take a while to defeat
Variety of attacks: Each member of the Elite Four has a crapload of different Pokemon
Annoyingness: Starts Low, getting progressively harder.
Drake’s dragons all have high stats (especially Salamence) and Wallace just has powerful Pokemon like Gyarados and Milotic that take a while to beat.

5: Weldar (Banjo-Tooie)
Length of Battle: Short
Variety of attacks: A few
Annoyingness: High
After it loses 3 HP, the floor becomes electrical, so you have to focus on doging its fiery blasts, AND the floor! Trust me, that’s harder than it sounds.

4: King K. Rool (Donkey Kong 64)
Length of Battle: VERY long
Variety of Attacks: Has five different phases, so has many attacks.
Annoyingness: High
If you lose to K. Rool once, you have to restart the whole match from DK!

3: Culex (Super Mario RPG)
Length of Battle: Long
Variety of attacks: Huge amount of magic
Annoyingness: Medium
This thing’s magic is a killer. It has attacks like Corona and Dark Star for killing you, and that Wind Crystal can turn you into Mushrooms! And you have to kill everything on the screen, too.

2: Cackletta (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga)
Length of Battle: Very Long
Variety of attacks: Insane variety of attacks, gets more powerful attacks as it loses HP. All attacks are hard to dodge.
Annoyingness: Very High
This thing has a ton of HP and cheap attacks. Heal when necessary and PAY ATTENTION to Cackletta so you can dodge her!

1: The HAG 1 (Banjo-Tooie)
Length of Battle: VERY long
Variety of attacks: A large amount of attacks. Speed of Grunty’s spells is lower if you get a question correct, but is always fast in the final stage of the battle.
Annoyingness: VERY High, mainly due to the fact that her spells become very hard to dodge later in the battle.
This thing has immense HP, a huge variety of attacks, and what do you have? a few honeycombs worth of life, and maybe cheats. Without cheats, this is probably the most frustrating thing I have ever faced. Especially in Replay Mode… no cheats and only 5 honeycombs!!! This thing isn’t THAT hard with good dodging, but beating it in replay mode could take a LONG time, hence why it’s #1.



  1. L.
    BOuldergeist is EASSSYYYYY!

    i think catch rayquaza in 1 ultra ball shud b on ere!
    i did it 🙂

  2. wow. You really are good at your games.

  3. dude do u knw the game franchise named prince of persia the sands of time series got really grt bosses (expect the first, there is no boss) in t2t the first boss is really like pain in neck (i think they imported him frm shadow of collossus) it took nearly 5 days for me to find way how to kill him (since fixed camera angle made it more frustrating) whatever i think ur an arcade games lover (just like me) then y u didnt included any boss frm Astroboy? dude think abt it

    • yes! I forgot about that! And the astroboy booses are great too! If I make another of these, I’ll include them, thanks!

  4. Oh bouldergiest that thing is annoying, you have 1 hp throws rocks at you grows arms and attacks you that thing takes forever (without dying)

    • yeah, very hard.

  5. no what was kinda a rip off? in pokemon ruby, after every battle, you got to heal ur pokemon!! but in diamond and pearl, you have to waste thousands of poke dollars on hyper potions, heals, revives, and herbs. WHATS WITH THAT!?!

  6. weldar took me 20 trys to kill!
    the hag one i could only bet with a cheat!
    also try fighting dusnoir on pokemon mystey dungeon explorers of darkness!

  7. i personaly found weldaar very easy, but the HAG-1 was extremly hard. had to use the cheat

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