Posted by: peanutmaster | July 21, 2008

Animal Crossing – Nintendo – Gamecube

Animal Crossing is possibly the strangest game I have ever played. For those that don’t know, it is about starting a new life in a town where all your neighbours are animals. Although it may sound like another gaming flop, it is actually brilliant!

The reasons why it is brilliant are simple. Firstly, something is always happening! Unlike most games where you eventually complete or get bored of the missions and levels, that ISNT POSSIBLE! Also, the whole game is still playing, even if your not! This means that if you don’t play regularly, your town will become a dump; infested with weeds and the like. This means that Animal Crossing is very addictive. Nintendo really did make an amazing game.

If you have a Gameboy as well as a Gamcube, you can link up your Animal Crossing game to it and go visit a tropical Island! This just adds more fun to the game, although with so many different things to do, like fishing, bug catching, paying off your mortgage, talking to your animal friends, collecting fruit, decorating your home and just doing things for your fun!

Nintendo released a remake of this game for the DS (named Animal Crossing Wild World). It was pretty much the same, exept with a few tweaks. If you have played one, you’ve played the other. The minute differences include K.K plays in a bar in the Ds version, whilst he’s outside the train station on the original. Also, you have less space in your pockets and cupboards in the original. This is (for me) the biggest downfall of the game.

After comparing the DS version and this one, I do have to say that this version is the better one, despite lacking some major points.



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