Posted by: peanutmaster | July 6, 2008

Have You Got A Request For Peanutmaster?

Would you like to request something for Peanutmaster to write? Do you want cheats for a certain game, or do you want to know how to get past that level your stuck on? Why not write Peanutmaster a request? Its easy; just email the team! Peanutmaster’s email is;

I hope we can help you!



  1. hi i loved the pokemon giude but you never anwsered my response i might get an action replay and if i get it i will tell you if there is a level 100 spiritomb on gts for watever pokemon you want has to be a good pokemon(no bidoofs or pokemon lower than 35 in level)

  2. cool. I would really like you to do that. I love spiritomb! Its my favourite pokemon after Hariyama.

  3. witch pokemon do you want (if i get it) i can also make requests

  4. is anybody there

  5. I am very sorry – My computer died and I could not write anything for a while. Spiritomb is a good pokemon, or Roselia. You have to love a Roselia. 😀

  6. can you tell me your friend code mine is 2922 0164 4428 also is ryan (spelling) still with us?

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