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Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin: Mission 21: Lin’s Gambit Guide

Mission 21: Lin’s Gambit

This is Guide is dedicated to ‘Desperate’:

This is a combined naval/army map. You won’t have any airports, so you won’t be able to build any planes, although building seaplanes on your carrier will eventually become necessary. You have 40 days to win the map, although you should be able to pull it off by day 30 if you work hard; achieving a 100 point speed rating seems to require a victory by day 25 or so, but you can still S-rank it later on if you dominate militarily.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to eliminate the enemy navy early on, lock down their ports, and concentrate on your ground forces. You’ll need to stall the enemy army on the eastern side of the map until you’ve built your navy up enough to help support your ground invasion, however. When you have the forces required, you can sweep across the eastern bridges to the north, then charge to the northwestern corner of the map and destroy the enemy units there or capture the HQ.


Day One


Move your subs to the center of the map and dive them; they’ll be integral to your plans to shut down Greyfield’s navy. Your southwestern infantry unit should be loaded onto the rig nearby and shuttled up and around to the factory and dock there; you can also load another nearby infantry onto a gunboat and shuttle him up near the dock. The infantry won’t be good for much on this map except for capturing buildings, so get it done early. On the eastern side, you can load a mech unit onto the lander there and drop it off on the small island nearby. Focus on capturing docks first, but keep in mind that enemy infantry will be coming for the island in a few turns.

Shuffle the rest of your units around, consolidating your navy below the submarines, and get ready for a fight. Move the w-tank up to the rocket units on the eastern edge of the map, and get the rockets ready to fire by placing the rig near them.


Day Two


Continue or start to capture the properties that you’ve managed to make it near. Move the submarines north into the channel between the peninsula and the island; they’ll begin to register enemy units on the next turn. Use your rockets to the east to fire on any enemy units that have shown up on the bridges; don’t forget to flare to light the way. Again, you don’t want to be moving north at this point; simply stopping the enemy from approaching your position. Be sure that the rockets aren’t exposed to fire, though; you can block the bridges with your w-tank or even a cruiser or lander to prevent enemy tanks from reaching the rockets.


Day Three


The enemy’s behavior with their navy can vary here; what you want is to see a few of their battleships appear in the sight range of your submarines. The enemy has four battleships and two carriers here; with a little work, you can destroy them with your subs, but you’ll need to be careful of enemy cruisers, of which there aren’t many, luckily. At any rate, on this turn, try to hit two of the battleships with your subs, and finish one of them off with your own battleship if possible; an enemy seaplane may get close enough to spot your battleship on their turn and hit it pretty hard, though. On the eastern front, rocket anyone that comes towards your troops. Again, you can block the roads with a cruiser, a lander, a gunship; anything that floats will sit on the bridge and prevent the enemy units from coming down. A cruiser will work well here, as it has a pretty long range of vision.


Day Four


Continue to pound the enemy naval forces here, and try to take out one of their carriers if possible. Seaplanes will start to harrass your western properties, but you should have already captured both of them by now, hopefully, assuming you landed two infantry units with the rig and the gunship. On the central island, enemy infantry will begin appearing and start capturing the two other facilities here; you’ll need to pound them with a battleship or something to prevent that from happening. You can also build an anti-air unit in the east and land it on the island to take out the infantry. You’ll probably want to build another battleship now if you haven’t done so already.


Moving On


The key thing here is keeping both of your subs alive long enough for them to put a dent in the enemy battleships and carriers, hopefully destroying the lot of them without being destroyed themselves. This requires a balance of aggression and skill, as you’ll need to be aware of the enemy’s line of sight. Enemy seaplanes will reveal large swaths of land to them, and if they manage to spot one of your infantry units capturing a property, or one of your battleships, the remaining battleships won’t hesitate to pound it. It requires a bit of luck to keep both of your submarines alive; if you’re unsure of yourself, simply use them to blockade the passageway leading to the enemy ports and hold them back until you’ve built another battleship. The battleships are going to be helpful to defend the central island from landers and infantry, and also to destroy any enemy cruisers that happen to pop up.

The first five days of this map are the key: you can either get really lucky, or wind up getting royally screwed, especially by the enemy navy. If you’re not having much luck with the navy, you may want to try giving the enemy battleships an extra turn to come out of the bay before pounding them with subs, or building an extra submarine before building your first battleship. If it comes down to it, you can mask the presence of your subs by sending gunships or landers towards the enemy fleet; the enemy ships will move to hit them and hopefully bypass the sunken submarines. You should always work with the goal to have your submarines out of sight of enemy units at the end of one of your turns, in the hopes that they’ll be ignored on the next turn.

Either way, the navy has to be your priority; your rocket units can hold the enemy back on the eastern edge of the map more or less indefinitely. In order to conquer the enemy docks, you’ll want to have at least two subs and a couple of battleships, with some cruisers being helpful to guard your battleships from enemy subs. Having a rig on the peninsula build a temporary port will also be required to refuel your ships; park the rig next to the dock to allow it to refuel ships further out in the water. If you get very lucky and manage to push the enemy back to their docks and destroy their ships, you’ll find that the enemy docks are unfortunately not blockable; you can’t move your units on top of them to prevent further construction. That’s all right, though. If you were able to block them, your units would come under fire from rockets in the hills. Just keep your submarines in the bay, near the docks, rotating them out every once in a while to refuel them. Two submarines, a battleship, and a cruiser or two should be enough to prevent any enemy ships that are built from leaving the bay.


The Ground War


When you have the enemy docks locked down, you’ll need to move on to the eastern front, where you have to charge north across the bridges and circle around to the enemy HQ. The darkness here will work against you; the enemy will have rockets in the hills that will be difficult to spot from long range.

Your best before proceeding north is to build a carrier and some seaplanes; the seaplanes will have long viewing distances and will be able to hit some of the enemy units before your mass of w-tanks starts rolling along. Cruisers in the water will also provide some good viewing distances, allowing you to make a few battleships and have them sit in the water and pound the enemy forces from below. Be sure that Lin is on one of these battleships! It’s a cheap way to boost her CO gauge.

Anyway, you’ll take your licks from the rockets, but your planes should be able to discover them and take them out, allowing your w-tanks to roll on. Move around to the west, being sure to capture the enemy factory on the northern edge of the map, and then continue to the northwestern corner to defeat the remaining enemy forces.
here is a video of exactly how to complete this mission:


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