Posted by: peanutmaster | June 17, 2008

Patapon Rarepon Sheet

Look at this! Yes, It’s a sheet of all the different types of Rarepon! I hope it helps you decide which you want to make! If you  have any questions about how to make any of these Patapon, just ask!



  1. how do you actually make these?

    • to make these rarepons, you go to the Tree Of Life, and choose whihc type of patapon to make. It will have instructions telling you what you need to make the normal patapon. but every item has a better version, and if you use the higher version, for example, using Mithril instead of stone, then you will get a rarepon.

      • is this on patapon 1 ????

  2. ah, but how do you make each individual one specifically?
    For example, which materials would I need to create a tikulee, or a barsala?

  3. How would i make a Mogyoon Yumipon ?? tell me plz

    • To get a Kibapon Mogyoon, you need Tytanium + Mytheerial

      To get a Tatepon Mogyoon, you need Dream Meat + Mytheerial

      To get a Yaripon Mogyoon, you need Dream Meat + Super Cedar

      To get a Yumipon Mogyoon, you need Hinoki + Mytheerial

      A Dekapon Mogyoon needs Awesome Alloy + Mystery Meat

      Finally, a Megapon Mogyoon needs Awesome Alloy + Super Cedar
      Hope this helps!

  4. how would I make a barsala?
    Thank you ^^

  5. where do you get a divine helm

  6. what if i cannot make any more patapon!!!! i never knew i could mix and match ingredients. how do you even do that??

  7. i can send you recipes of all rarepons.

    • please do. 🙂

  8. sue you can make them retire by pressing select…

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