Posted by: peanutmaster | June 9, 2008

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – Traveller’s Tales – Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, DS, WII, PS3

You’ve got to hand it to Traveller’s Tales, they’ve really struck gold with their family-friendly LEGO-related titles. Having already secured a strong partnership with LucasArts and Eidos with the two LEGO Star Wars titles, the studio is now turning its attention to another Lucas property: the adventure-loving archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Timed to near-perfection with the release of the fourth Indy movie, LEGO Indiana Jones takes a trip down memory lane, travelling back to the original three stories. But with another LEGO-based romp later in the year in Warner Bros. Interactive’s LEGO Batman, is this a brick-building adventure too far?

LEGO Star Wars was amazing; it offered a new type of platformer to the gamer. LEGO Indiana Jones would be rubbish if it didn’t have some of the winning properties from that game.

Just like in LEGO Star Wars, there is a main hub from which you can access each of the chapters (here, it is Barnett College). The college also hosts other features, like a library where you can unlock new characters, a museum that shows off some artefacts that you find along your journey, and even the ‘Create a Character’, just like in LEGO Star Wars II!

More features of the previous LEGO games are here; LEGO studs are still at the heart of the game, with breakable scenary still around for you to destroy and harvest studs from. Also, the co-op gameplay from the previous games is here, letting you have Shorty or Willie by your side as you roam around the 18 chapters.

Free play mode also makes a come back, letting you access areas you couldn’t previously get to, using characters not used during the story. This means that you could have Short Round climbing through a small tunnel in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It’s just like in LEGO Star Wars!

But there is some new features to LEGO Indy. Unlike the previous games, there are now vehicle levels! Yes, you can ride the minecart, drive the boats and even enjoy some stolen motorbikes. In fat, the missions in general are more varied than in LEGO Star Wars, with each having something memorable and enjoyable about them.

It is quite amazing at the amount of detail put into LEGO Indy, such as Indy still being afraid of snakes, and Willie being terrorfied of bugs. Getting close to their fears makes them shake in their boots, too scared to move closer! Detail has also been put into the scenery, with almost everything breakable!

It’s hard to put such an amazing and action packed game down. Sadly there are a few let downs. For a start, the camera views are stil rubbish! This problem occured in all the previous LEGO games, and STILL hasn’t been corrected! Also, some of the levels include puzzles that could potentially prove a bit difficult for the younger gamers. And then you realise there’s no online co-op…

Overall, LEGO Indiana Jones is a great game, taking all the good parts of LEGO Star Wars, and adding in it’s own, unique missions. The graphics are brilliant, along with the best gameplay I have seen for a LEGO game. But maybe it’s a little short-lived…




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