Posted by: peanutmaster | May 28, 2008

Patapon – Sony – Psp

Patapon isn’t part of one main genre; it is part platform, tactics, and most importantly, part rythm based. You play as the Patapon’s God; guiding the lost tribe to their goal – IT! But the evil Zigotons stand in your way! Each of the four buttons on the right acts as a different drum, and you must control an army using different beats. Sounds easy!

Well, it is easy once you’ve got the hang of it. Most levels are easily completed although some prove more difficult than others. These levels come around the middle of the game, and even I used an online walkthrough for them! One disapointment I found with the gameplay is that the final boss is rather… Easy; there is this big  build up to him, where you think He’ll be amazingly hard, then you defeat him in the first battle!

And this isn’t the only disapointment. After you have completed the missions, you can only access the hunting areas and bosses, unless you start a new game. I was thinking that maybe after completeing the game, all missions would become replayable, but this is not the case. Not a really bad disapointment, because the bosses are briliant, but a disapointment still. Also, I’m not going to ruin the ending for all those who havent completed the game, but it is rather dull…

Just by looking at the graphics, you can tell that the makers must have had something to do with Loco Roco (if you’ve played Loco Roco you’ll understand what I mean). The graphics look very very similar, although I think the colours are sharper in Patapon.

Just like Loco Roco, Patapon has some catchy tunes. For days after playing this game, I was humming  and Pata-ponning and chaka-donning everywhere!

When people ask me for tips on Patapon, I always say that you must anticipate what wil happen next. If you know you will be attacked by a wave of arrows or fire, move back before it happens. If you know that you can’t dodge the incomming attack, start protecting! Its simple! Another tip I give is to remember that an enemie’s attacks don’t always stay in the same beat, and that you may have to come out of fever to get protecting at the right time.

 Below is a list of the different squads in Patapon, to help you decide which to use:

  • Hatapon – This Patapon is the first one available to the game, and functions to hold the army together. Holds high the Patapon banner. His death results in mission failure. Hata (旗) means “flag” in Japanese.
  • Yaripon – Spear-Throwing Patapon. This is the initial unit type given to the player to control, and is useful for both hunting and fighting. Their fever attack is a jumping spear throw that greatly increases the distance of the projectile while avoiding many enemy attacks. A Yaripon squad consists of 6 Yaripon. Yari (槍) means “spear” in Japanese.
  • Tatepon – Axe-Wielding Patapon. These Patapon are equipped with axes and shields and are primarily melee fighters. They are useless while hunting, as their attack range is negligible at best and scares off prey. Tatepons are arguably the best defense Patapon units, as their shields can protect the entire army from projectile attack. While in fever mode, their shields increase in size and provide better protection. A Tatepon squad consists of 6 Tatepon. Tate (盾) means “shield” in Japanese.
  • Yumipon – Archer Patapon. These Patapon have the largest attack range in the game and are always placed in back of any army. While they are extremely effective and can rain down arrows on enemies from afar, they are vulnerable to fire. While in fever mode, they shoot three arrows every attack instead of one. A Yumipon squad consists of 6 Yumipon. Yumi (弓) means “bow” in Japanese.
  • Kibapon – Cavalry Patapon. Equipped with horses and halberds, Kibapons deal heavy damage and knock back enemy troops. While relatively useless normally, they become faster and push back enemies with great power when in fever mode. They should only be used by a skilled player. A Kibapon Squad consists of 3 Kibapon. Kiba (騎馬) means “horse-rider” in Japanese
  • Dekapon – Mace-Wielding Patapon. These monstrous brutes are extremely large and bulky, and as a result do massive damage to their targets. Unfortunately, Dekapons are extremely slow, which tempers their awesome might. While in fever mode, Dekapon have a ground pound attack that stuns enemies. A Dekapon squad consists of 3 Dekapon. Dekai (でかい) means “gargantuan” in Japanese.
  • Megapon – Horn Playing Patapon. Megapons are by far the oddest unit in the game. They are taller than most other Patapons, and carry around massive horns. To attack, they play their horns and the sound waves that are projected take on physical form, flying at the enemy and causing damage. Megapons have a variety of attacks, but the two most utilized are a standard wave of 3 blue notes that bounce off of and around the enemy, causing ricochet damage, and a massive red note only used during fever mode that hits multiple times causing massive damage. A Megapon squad consists of 3 Megapon. Their name may be based on ‘Megaphone’.
  • Upgradeable Units – During the ‘birthing’ phase at the Tree of Life, players can use different combinations of ‘ka-ching’ and raw materials they gathered during individual hunting missions, mini-games, and other means. Higher quality or rare ingredients coupled with higher ‘ka-ching’ costs results in higher quality base units. An example would be pairing ‘succulent’ meat along with ‘cherry blossom’ instead of ‘standard’ meat and ‘wood branch’. This is not discussed, nor combinations given in the included game manual, but players can experiment for discovery.


Overall, Patapon is a good game, with some minor disapointments, but this is made up for with it’s mix of genres. Patapon’s graphics are great, with sharp colours and enthralling backgrounds. I think that with some alterations, this game could be the best for the PSP!




  1. Patapon is a good game, but is too easy. I dont like how you have to sit through the ending everytime you complete the last boss. At least Gaeen is fun…

  2. this is about patapon 3 you should have a rhino unit that the patapons ride with swords or lances and are a combo of dekapon in the sense that the rhinos ram people and the kibapon with the lances

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