Posted by: peanutmaster | May 27, 2008

Silent Hill Origins – Konami – Psp

It’s hard to say that you ‘enjoy’ a Silent Hill game. Sure you can admire and appreciate Konami’s survival horror, but a game that’s relentlessly dark, grimey and has you shooting a mutated version of your mum has very few punch the air/ high five moments. But the fact that this PSP entry to the series is as bleak and unsettling as the previous game is testament to the amazing work Climax have done making it just as scary. With the headphones on, peering into the screen, your soon sucked into hellish proceedings.

The story is set before the events of the original Silent Hil, with trucker Travis Grady stumbling around the cursed town looking for a way out. It’s the same mix of slow combat, exploring and puzzle solving but each element is superbly put together and balanced to make it very compelling. The constant gloom and graphic horror may not suit everyone, but there is no denying that this is one of the best adventure games on the PSP. And it’ll reignite your desire for the Hill ahead of the fifth console game in the series.


Neatly tucks in all of Silent Hill’s qualities into one of the best PSP games of the year!


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