Posted by: peanutmaster | May 24, 2008

The Legend Of Zelda: The Lampshade Of No Real Significance – Super Flash Bros – Online

Zelda Lampshade is not an ordinary game. As the name kind of gives away, Zelda Lampshade is a spoof of The Legend Of Zelda.

Zelda lampshade is basically a simple point and click game, with a Zelda skin. The style and graphics look very similar to those of Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass. In fact, the developers have payed very close attention to what goes into a Zelda game, and have even added a section on tyhe sidebar of what items you have. There is even a dungeon (be it a small yet humourous one)!

The main focus of the game is to get the ‘sacred’ Lampshade to the temple, passing first through the lair of the giant sewer demon (by pulling it’s plug out) and then heading through a town, whilst meeting some very familiar Nintendo faces, including Kirby, Samus and a few more…

Being a free online game, Zelda Lampshade is really good. On top of being better than most point and click games, it actually looks and almost feels like a Zelda game! As well as being entertaining, it is also challenging at times too! For the moment, this is my favourite online game! Here is a link for those who want to play it now;


This is as funny as an online game gets, but with only about 20 minutes of gameplay, it isn’t going to be your favourite for long. At least you can play it more than once and still enjoy it!




  1. this game looks so stupid but at the same time funny

  2. cheese is awesome

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