Posted by: peanutmaster | May 17, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV – Rockstar – Xbox 360, Ps3


The best free-roaming game is back, and this time, we’re re-visiting Liberty City!

The story is you, Niko, a Serbian immigrant, have just got off the boat into liberty city, inticed by your cousin’s boasts of how he’s made it into the bigtime. Soon realise that he actually lives in a cockroach infested flat and owns a partime taxi service. So you try and help him make it in the world, whilst helping yourself….

Truthfully, you dont really need the story, due to all the things you can do; you can take taxi rides, go swimming (no more underwater crap like last time we went to Liberty City…) take trams, do hitman like missions, eat out, go to a club, get drunk (there’s a hilarious drunk driving game), steal helicopters and basically be a nuisance for the police!

 Rockstar has now even introduced multiplayer to GTA, with some sweet multiplayer games, my favourite being ‘cops and crooks’. Here, the crooks try and get their boss to safety while the police try to kill you all. This leads to intense cat and mouse chases and nail biting endings (like jumping onto the boat just before the cops careen into you).

The fighting system hasn’t changed that much from the previous games. The most noticable extra is that now you can now hug cover like in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (see our review) and either spray bullets wildly, or use precise shots.

The graphics for GTA IV are stunning. I have never seen Liberty City in so much detail!

 Unlike most ‘revisit’ games, where everything’s exactly the same and the makers have just conned you out of £35, GTA IV takes a new look at Liberty City, with all the stuff from the last games and more. This is a must for free-raoming fans.


-The only disapointment here is that there is still that ‘dont cross the bridge to the new area until you’ve completed all missions’ thing!!


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