Posted by: peanutmaster | May 14, 2008

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Ubisoft – Xbox 360, Ps3, Pc

Terrorists get mullered in sin city!!!!

We all know the legendary franchise Rainbow Six. Now it’s all changed; but for the better, or for the worse…

This time, your mates don’t just die on you (hoorah!); they usually get wounded and need to be hit with adrenaline before continuing the fight. Also, the covers evolved. This means you can now hug against walls and either fire blindly (inaccurate but safe) or lean out and shoot (more accurate but more dangerous) at the terrorists. I, for one, am a ‘shoot blindly and use up your ammo in a beserke fashion’ person, which is why I always play and lose shooting games… Also,you can change your characters appearance, weaponry and armor depending on how well your doing in close combat, marksmenship and assault.

The game also has a wide arrange of multiplayer games such as deatmatch, team deatmatch, one where both teams must protect their leader and so on.

 I loved this game because of the sheer amount of choices you can make. Strategy is a key here. Say, if there’s a team holed up in a second story room, why not get one team mate to bomb one door while you go through another into their room, whilst two more of your mates smash through the windows with another one of your mates sniping from a nearby building. But they might decide to charge on of the doors and blow it up in your face as some repel down to the first floor and flank you while their hidden player takes out your sniper and fills you full of lead. That’s strategy at full blast!

The graphics for Vegas 2 are, as always, amazing.  The same can be said for the gameplay as well, sharing an even amount of action with strategy. There has been a long wait for this game, and I think it was well worth the countdown.




  1. wow its amazing blog thanks alot my friend

  2. Thxs loads. I love this game Good blog dear

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