Posted by: peanutmaster | May 14, 2008

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin – Chapter 17: The Creeper Guide


Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin is one of my favourite games. I, and my team know a fair bit about how to conquer the missions, too. Mission 17 proved to be very hard, with many people asking for a guide for this mission backing up this fact. This is why I created this guide. It took a lot of typing, thinking and playing. I hope you enjoy.

The map here is dominated by a huge enemy unit, the Talon Gun, at the center of the map. It has an area-of-effect attack that will damage anything that gets close to it. The win conditions here entail either destroying all the enemies or the Talon Gun itself, but it will be pretty much impossible to do the former. Talon Gun, you’re going down! You’re going to need a lot of bombers to pull this off…


Day One


Load a mech or infantry unit into the northern t-copter and drop it on the northern factory. This northern area won’t be critical to your war effort, but you want to hold it and the buildings around it for the cash that they’ll give you.

To the south, move your tank and other units into the small suite of properties down there. You can load one of the infantry units onto the rig and drop it off on the factory here, while the other infantry can start making his way to the airport. Build another infantry at the factory near your HQ and start moving him to the northern properties, as well.


Day Two


You should be able to begin capturing the southern factory and airport on this day. Begin capturing the northern factory as well, and move your t-copter back to pick up the other infantry unit in the north.

Your units in the south need to be positioned at this point. Move the rockets onto the uncaptured city one spot to the west of the factory that you’re capturing down there; that’ll give it domain over the approach from the west and prevent most enemies from approaching. That stasis will persist throughout much of the game, allowing you to build up your forces without much threat of attack from the enemy.

If you like, you can build another set of rockets in your rear factory on this day. You can overlap the firing radii of the two rockets along the southern approach to effectively prevent the enemies from ever approaching you.


Day Three


Continue capturing the properties in the north and south, and drop your infantry unit in the t-copter to the north on one of the airports there. The enemy will also be cranking out infantry to capture the cities on their side of the map, but there isn’t much you can do about that except let them. They will eventually come for the northern properties, though, so you’ll want to quickly capture them and eventually build a rocket or w-tank to help dissuade them from their approach.


Day Four


Complete capturing your stuff, then build a unit in the northern properties to help protect them. The enemy will be sending a b-copter and infantry your way, so an anti-air unit or two might be the best option here; just park it on a city that you’ve captured and maybe follow it up with a fighter if necessary. You don’t need to build an army here to expand westward; you’re just concentrating on holding these properties against the enemy forces.

Elsewhere, you should have enough cash to begin building bombers. (You may also want a fighter positioned to the north to encourage the b-copter and various air units that your enemies build to stay away from you.) You’ll need three or four of them to begin your assault on the Talon Gun. Be sure to load your CO, Tasha, on to one of the bombers. Start positioning your bombers so that they’re just outside the firing range of the enemy missiles to the south of the Talon Gun. It can be very difficult to set this up right, since the enemy will usually begin constructing fighters when they see that you’re building up your bomber groups; be sure to protect the areas where your bombers are forming up with missiles.

If everything goes perfectly well, we found that it was best to move in first with your CO-commandeered bomber and destroy one of the anti-tank units right off the bat, then follow through with another bomber to destroy the missiles below the Talon Gun. Your bomber will need to be where the missiles were to attack the Talon Gun; a full-health bomber will take off 75% of its health in one shot. On the Talon Gun’s turn, it’ll take off half the health of any unit in its firing range, so your bombers will take a lot of damage, but if you have even a single one left, it should be capable of finishing off the Talon Gun.

Note that, if the air force approach doesn’t work for you, you can definitely try amassing an army of w-tanks and rockets, with some fighters to protect them, and attempt to roll in that way. The limited mobility of ground units will make this a bit more difficult, however.



  1. Peanutmaster strikes again!! Your guide really helped. (god, I hate that Talon Gun) BTW, am I pissing you off with all these guides I need, because I’ll probobly need another one someother time…

  2. srry for postin 2wice, but I got to know.


    which is better. (go Ninjas!!)

  3. I do like those Pirates, but I have to say Ninjas.

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