Posted by: peanutmaster | May 10, 2008

Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock – Neversoft – Wii

Not everyone is acquainted with the original plastic guitar rhythm-game phenomenon, least of all hardened nintendo fans who’ve never owned a console that supports it. I’m really glad to see this on the Wii.

For a first-time effort the Wii’s guitar peripheral certainly packs a punch. It’s powered off the remote itself – killing the wireless and battery issue birds in one stone – and applies remote gizmos that no other version can. It’s the remote rumble that most adds to the experience, shaking the whole guitar shell with surprise force when you’ve built up your star power. It’s particularly handy in the newly added two-player battle where a rumble informs you that a power up is waiting to tumble the other players flow; a mode that fits in brilliantly with the classic Nintendo multiplayer focus on underhand power-up usage.

Musically, you’re dealing with the same play list across all consoles. However, the mix of the old (Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones) and new (Muse, Tenacious D), and the sheer amount of master tracks used makes this one the most complete Guitar Hero to date.



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