Posted by: peanutmaster | April 27, 2008

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Knights Of The Nine – Bethesda – Xbox 360, Pc

Uh, oh, Tameriel calls for a Champion… Again!

I’ve put over 60 hours of my life into Oblivion. I’ve cured vampirism, cleaned the world of Daedra, and pranced around on the equine equivalent of a ferrari.

Now, after the near-extortion that was the the Horse Armour  mod (a whopping 200 gamer points!) and more reasonable additions like Mehrune’s Razor and the Wizards Tower comes Knights – the first genuine expansion.

 There are no extra lands here (boo!), but you do get to rooam Cyrodiil in search of Wayshrines, parley with Pelinal Whitestrake and reinstate a legendary religious order before banishing dark sorcerer Umaril back into the abyss. There’s also a dangerous new foe in the shape shape of the Aurorans and some spangly new armour and weaponry.  Knights Of Nine isn’t in the same league as stellar Morrowind add-ons like Tribunal and Bloodmoon, but any fresh reason to revisit Oblivion once again is all right by me…



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