Posted by: peanutmaster | April 22, 2008

Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast – SEGA – Psp, Ps2, Xbox, Pc

Riding along the road with your girlfriend with the light sparkling off your newly bought ferrari. Life is good. That’s what Outrun’s all about.

In Outrun, the aim is to get to the end of the course with as many points as possible. There are different modes too, like Heart Attack mode. This is where you try to get across the course whilst doing whatever your girlfriend says. This means doing stuff like dribbling a giant ball, or crashing into as many cars as possible.

The whole game is mostly unchanged from the original game, exept maybe the tracks. The way that all the stages are set out in a large triangle is still the same and is very effective. And if you don’t want to take ages trying to reach the stages on the further end of the pyramid before the time runs out, just explore them on their own on Time Trial mode. 

 As well as being able to unlock loads of cool looking ferraris, there is also some music to unlock, including some from the original games!

And if you want to play one of the classic Outruns, Outrun SP is also available to play! It is pretty much the same, but with different stages. Better one’s, if you ask me…

Overall, Outrun 2006:  Coast 2 Coast is a good game, with good graphics and an amazing sense of speed. I have always loved this game and always will.



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