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Worms Open Warfare 2 Puzzle Guide

Worms is a classic game, and the series’ puzzles are renowned for being difficult. That is why I have published this guide for them. It was created by Zarlyn and is very helpful.

Level 1 – Kill

There are 5 enemy worms on this level and it’s pretty straight forward. 
Fire punch the first guy off the edge into the water.  Use dynamite to
get the guy below you.  Bazooka the guy to your left, just full power
at a horizontal line and it should kill him.  Use an air strike to get
the far left worm.  To get the last worm just throw a 4 second grenade
at half power at a 45ø up angle.

Level 2 – Kill

This time you have 2 worms to kill and they are on the far side of the
map.  Inch your way to the edge over the first mine and jump across,
repeat as necessary (5 mines).  Back flip your way up the barrels and
ledges to the top.  Here is where your timing matters.  Move down to
the bump before the flat surface the mine is on.  Jump over the mine,
immediately after move down and jump the second mine and again across
the gap.  Pick up the dynamite and the rest should be easy to figure
out.  However for those who are mentally strange… Drop the mine off the
cliff and watch the worms fly.

Level 3 – Kill

2 More worms to destroy, fire a bazooka shot as near vertical as you
can without hitting the bump at about 75% power.  Now I don’t know what
the target is for but I like to blow it up anyways, shoot at 45ø right
at full power and it should blow it up.  Adjust if necessary.   For the
last worm stay at the same angle and fire at 2/3 power.

Level 4 – Exit

Start by jumping to the ledge and grab the girder.  Place it however
you want to get across the ledge, I just put is flat with no gaps. 
Pickup and use the 2 shotgun shots to blast a hole in the pole.  Grab
the health and walk of the ledge (do not jump!).  Grab the bunker
buster and parachute and hide your worm on a ledge.  Use the bunker
buster to drill a hole in the ice and use the parachute so you don’t
die and just squirm to the exit.

Level 5 – Exit

Squirm your worm along to the edge (DO NOT JUMP, YOU WILL DIE!) and
jump across the gap (being in space the low gravity will carry you
across).  Squirm to the edge again and back flip to the next area. 
Jump across the mines here, you should have no trouble of them
detonating.  Move to the edge and back flip to the next area.  From
here you can just normal jump up to the next one, move across, and jump
again.  Grab the parachute, then do a back flip and at the peak of the
jump deploy the parachute, holding left the whole time, you should make
it safely to the other side.  Normal jumping doesn’t seem to work. 
Move into the exit.

Level 6 – Crates

Start by just jumping to your left.  Move back up to the middle of the
platform, jump left again, repeat, repeat again.  Grab the teleporter,
and teleport to the top platform on the other side.  Do the same thing
down this side; don’t worry as long as you don’t do a back flip you
won’t die.

Level 7 – Exit

This one is pretty straight forward.  Since you can’t move and the only
weapon you have is a mine, drop it to your right and watch… You’ll stop
on a ledge, so you’ll have to drop another mine to your left this time. 
You will make it to the end with a “Bang!”

Level 8 – Kill

This one is simple, the magnet in the middle is set to repel.  Just use
your teleporter to go straight above where your start in the middle
then just drop mines at about a 45ø angle from the magnet and watch
them fly.   Adjust if necessary.

Level 9 – Kill

This one can be done in 2 ways.  I go right up against the wall on your
right, while facing the wall do a back flip, at the peak of the flip
let the sheep go.  It should make it over the wall if you do it right. 
The other way I found if your lucky is you can do a back flip onto the
wall if you find the right place (I’ve only done it once) and just walk
close and throw the sheep in.  However it’s much more entertaining to
watch the sheep jump the gaps itself, remember to detonate it at the
right time though.

Level 10 – Kill

5 words, Full, power, to, the, right.  Wow, shortest mission in history.

Level 11 – Kill

This mission can also be done 2 ways, you can be lame and walk all the
way down and get blasted then blast him (skip to your 200 hp worm if
you choose this), or fire punch your 200 hp worm down the hill to your
left and mine the enemy worm.

Level 12 – Kill

This one is pretty simple, but can be messed up easily.  With your
first worm, grab the girder and place it at a slight angle (pressing X
once should work).  MOVE HIM OUT OF THE WAY!  With your worm with 1 hp
climb the girder and do a back flip off of it to land right next to the
worm.  The explosion of you dieing should kill him too.

Level 13 – Exit

Start off by jumping onto the first barrel.  Stand on the right side of
it (not on the very edge you’ll bounce into the water), and shoot down
with the shotgun.  Repeat 2 times.  Jump of the ledge to the right and
deploy a parachute, the moment it opens hold left.

Level 14 – Crates

Throw a boomerang to either side, jump onto it, throw one on the other
side, and repeat until you get out.  Now from here this level doesn’t
like me, you’ll have to find the measurements and power for yourselves
because of the wind.  Though it isn’t that hard because you have
unlimited boomerangs and no time limit so have fun with that, just
remember to call the rang back to you if you get the box. ^_^

Level 15 – Exit

Yes that worm is supposed to die at the beginning.  Start by placing a
girder to the left of the crate that is down and to the left, grab the
blowtorch and go at a downward angle into the hole.  Grab the lightning
strike and use it to revive your dead worm (yes, lightning does revive
dead people … for safety purposes and respect for the dead don’t try
it, it doesn’t really work…).

Level 16 – Crates

Place girders from the bottom of the ramp to your right to right under
yourself (in a straight line, don’t slope them).  Place one more girder
even with the bottom of the cove on the other side of the ramp (also in
a straight line).  Throw your buffalo onto the first girder and watch
it.  One buffalo should make it all the way, no need to detonate him
(if you can, I’ve never tried to detonate a buffalo before).

Level 17 – Kill

Jetpack up to the ledge above you and fire punch the magnet TO THE
RIGHT and watch the show.

Level 18 – Kill

Place 2 girders on either side vertically just above the mines and with
the tops level with the platform your standing on.  Fire punch the
magnets to the side they are closest to.

Level 19 – Kill

Basically just place a girder anywhere you think the sheep might get
stuck then let it go.  It can kill the worm down any path except the

Level 20 – Kill

This one just face to the right, and tap the fire button with the
grenade.  Then just place girders wherever it goes into the water. 
That’s about all the help I can give you (I can’t find an
understandable way to tell you where to place the girders).

Level 21 – Kill

This level I use the strategies from 2 of the previous levels, and you
need to time it well.  First jump onto the left side of the barrel
(remember?), and shotgun yourself onto the ledge.  Now here is where
you can try different things but the only sure way I’ve found you have
to have good timing.  I’m not sure if you can just back flip and
release like before, because it has never worked for me.  I back flip
ONTO the ledge, turn around drop the sheep, and drop back before the
turret shoots me.  Then just wait and you can either blow the sheep
after the magnet, or just let it get the worm.  If you decide to use
the magnet, before you drop the sheep put your girder to the left of
the worm so the magnet doesn’t fall out.

Level 22 – Crates

Place your first 250 hp worm on the very edge of the first barrel, and
the other on the other side.  Use one of their turns to place a girder
on either the right or the left under the ledge so that you can get the
1 hp worm underneath and use a sheep DIRECTLY below the barrels.  Use
the next 2 turns to pick up the barrels.

Level 23 – Kill

I don’t understand how you’re supposed to do this with the mine and the
magnet, but how I do it is much easier to understand.  Just back flip
up the ledges and when you get to where the mine is place your girder
halfway between the edges.  Then just jump across and squirm down and
fire punch the worm into the water.

Level 24 – Kill

Use a girder to get to the upper ledge.  Move all the way into the
corner and use a blowtorch going down, when you get directly under the
mine start going back up.  Use another girder to get onto the next bump. 
Move over to the first worm and blowtorch him off, be careful not to
fall with him.  Go to the very edge and you’ll land right in the middle
of the platform.  Blowtorch him off too.

Level 25 – Exit

Move over to the left and back flip up by your buddy, fire punch him
off.  Use this guy to move above the mine and jump back before it
explodes.  Then just inch off the edge and you’ll land in the exit.

This brilliant guide was created by Zarlyn. You can reach this person at



  1. Cool guide! I REALLY NEEDED one and i found this!

  2. sorry you can drop it in the middle of tha backflip

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