Posted by: peanutmaster | April 14, 2008

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty – Spark Unlimited – PS3, Xbox 360, Pc

I just run over some fat porker…wait, it’s Winston Churchill!!!

Adding a twist on ww2, Turning Point is based on an alternative history, where Winston is hit by a taxi and killed outright. So, without old winston to be a pain to the nazis, they slowly take all of europe unchallenged, then they set their eyes on USA, presenting the possibility of what could have happened to Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world without his leadership…

You play as Dan Carson, an average construction worker who’s got no connection to the war. The aim of the game is not to win the war as such, but to survive it as this average guy. At least you have some pretty nifty weapons, all from the WW2 era. You even have some weapons that were’nt actually put into production, like the LandKreuzer P. 1000 Rattle!

The starting level is brilliant!!! Planes whizzing by as you feverishly try and get off the girder and out of the building while the other construction workers are, how would you put, in a spot of trouble. This level is the best in the game. Sadly, this is an easy mission and is pretty short lived.

 The game on the whole is pretty dissapointing after that. Which isn’t good at all. It’s just so annoying because this game could be a protential goldmine!!! In fact it’s hard to understand how Spark Unlimited missed so good opertunities for good levels!

But it isn’t brilliant. The game is short, the gunplay is very slow and bulky and it seems that there’s a lack of bullets in every stage. So instead of enjoying the game, you’ll always worry about where your gonna get more ammo next. They did develop this grapple move though. This is where you can do enviromental kills, which basically means using the enviroment to kill your opponent (like dumping some guys head down the toilet), quick kills, and holding a enemy hostage. This is good for regaining health but it disturbed me greatly because the germans don’t care about their mate at all and just keep pumping lead into the guy you have taken hostage (I actually think they fire more into their tied up comrade)!!!

Overall, Turning Point is a flawed game that could have been brilliant. It’s levels are samey and boring, ammo is nowhere to be seen and there is no point to taking a hostage!


A huge dissapointment.


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