Posted by: peanutmaster | April 13, 2008

Club Penguin April Updates

April. Springtime. The snow is melting and the sun shining. Not in Club penguin. Ah well, at least a new pin’s been placed!

Yes, it’s the Pyramid Pin and it’s on the table in the Book Room above the Coffee Shop!

And there’s more new stuff happening this april: On the 11th a new stage was put out in the theatre! This time it’s all about ‘the quest for the golden puffle’. The scene looks a lot like Egypt, and mummy and pharoh costumes can be found in the costume, along with explorer outfits. Great! One problem I did find with this new stage is that it is fairly hard to get around the crocs and bridge! Never mind….

I also found out something quite creepy this week, too. For a while I have read reports of ‘ninjas’ in Club Penguin. People have apparently spotted penguins that look darker than the usual black and are wearing masks. I didn’t belive any of these rumours. Then I noticed a something in the mirror in the Ski Lodge. Is it just the reflection of the moose, or is it a ‘ninja’?….

 And I will leave you now with a funny video I found today…



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