Posted by: peanutmaster | April 12, 2008

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus – Konami -Psp

Okay, I am very new to Metal Gear Solid, and having never played any of the previous games before, I truly regret it.

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus plays much like other games of this genre; seek the target, find a route, destroy all in your path. Simple. And that’s why I like this; some games could be much more like this but decide to over-complicate everything, so you dont actually know what to press to walk, let alone fire a gun!

Unlike  Metal Gear Acid and its sequel, which were turn-based strategy games with stealth elements, this retains the action-based gameplay from the console iterations. Great in my opinion.

In MGS: POP you can play as a number of new characters alongside the classics like Solid Snake. On every mission you work in a group but always on your own. This means that it feels like you are on your own, but if you die (highly possible in the later stages…) you have a couple more people to use. This is possibly the biggest change from the previous games.

The graphics here are brilliant. I love looking around from the top of a building to spot the enemies positions and gazing in awe at the visuals. This can all be too much, however, when your crawling through a tight tunnel being chased by armoured guards.

Having never played a Metal Gear Solid game before I cannot compare this to any other versions but I do say that this a good game. The only bad points are that compared to the likes of Tenchu (a personal favourite) there is not that many enemies on some missions. And then there’s the issue about the size of each area: they are all tiny and!!! This is the downfall of the multiplayer mode.


  • Roy Cambell

    Successfully complete Infinity Mission on the Extreme difficulty setting to unlock Roy …

  • All Taunts

    Find all 68 entries on the soldier list, then successfully complete an Infinity Mission…

  • Arms magazine Nile Crocodile soldier (Japanese version)

    Enter “TTOGZWSREYD” as a recruit password to unlock Arms magazine Nile Crocodile soldier.

  •  Overall, MGS: POP is a good game with great graphics, yet limited enemies and lacking in space. A bit bigger next time, maybe…

    RATING: 74%

    If you liked this, try the Tenchu series.



    1. is there a uk version of passwords. its hard to find the passwords in mgs portable ops plus on my psp . give me an answer

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