Posted by: peanutmaster | March 31, 2008

Square Enix Talks about Crisis Core

I am a big fan of Final Fantasy, and when I read an article on published on the 11/03/08 with Square Enix talking about the lastest edition to the series, Crisis Core, I was eager to share it with you! Here’s the same interview:

How does the storyline of Crisis Core on PSP relate to the much loved FFVII on PlayStation?

You could say that what Zack leaves behind in Crisis Core provides the foundation for the opening of the next chapter, which of course is Final Fantasy VII.

What would you say is the main theme of Crisis Core; is it different from FFVII?

The overall theme of the game is – Legacy. We wanted to show how the way one person lives his or her life influences the following generation, and paves the way for a new age.

This applies both to the events that occur in Crisis Core, and how Crisis Core itself serves as a retroactive precursor to Final Fantasy VII.

What was your experience of developing Crisis Core, given the strong history and fan following of FFVII?

The initial release of Final Fantasy VII ten years ago had a great impact on me as a game designer. That is why when they asked me to oversee the development of Crisis Core, I felt extremely honoured, and I learned during the project that it is the remarkable support of our fans that has kept Final Fantasy VII going for all these years. To channel all of that enthusiasm and energy into creating a new title was a remarkable experience.

How have you achieved a balance between consistency for existing fans and accessibility for newcomers?

In order for everyone to enjoy the story, the difficulty of the main story mode was set relatively low. Many of the side missions that appear throughout the story, however, were tuned to satisfy the more hardcore players.

Can you explain the battle system used in Crisis Core and the thinking behind it?

The basic structure is that of an action-RPG. Technically, the format used is the ATB (Active Time Battle) system that was also used in Final Fantasy VII, but since the player controls only one character in Crisis Core, the ATB mechanics were accelerated to enhance the action element of the gameplay while maintaining the overall feel of an RPG.

Meanwhile, we added another feature called the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system, which within the frame of the story is defined as the SOLDIER combat psyche.

In practical gameplay, this is represented as a slot-reel that continually spins during combat, and if the pictures match when it periodically stops, it allows Zack to perform special manoeuvres, changes his physical state, and so on.

We implemented this system for three reasons. The first was to add variety to the combat sequences and prevent monotonous gameplay. The second was to add an element of luck into the battle system, so that novice gamers would have a chance at finishing the game. The third reason was to enhance the storytelling aspect of the game, especially for the final boss battle.

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