Posted by: peanutmaster | March 29, 2008

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Lucas Arts – DS


Ok, I admit, LEGO Star Wars surprised me on most consoles; the gameplay was like nothing I’d seen before! Then, of course, Lucas Arts had to make the risky decision of making a Ds version. The outcome wasn’t the best Lego Star Wars ever…

For a start, the gameplay is too easy. This always a bad sign in platforming games. Then there’s the graphics. Ok, they are alright Ok, but I have seen better. The poor camera angles don’t improve things in the visual section either. Wouldn’t it be alot better if the camera view  during the racing levels was behind you rather than above?!

At least the attention to detail is there; you can smash loads of stuff in the levels and if you look in the Cantina you’ll see a small band on a stage playing the music!

The minigames are not the best part of the game. WHO WANTS TO PLAY A MINIGAME WHERE YOU HAVE TO WASH A WINDSCREEN!! Ok, I do like the one where you’re controlling Grevious’ Wheel, dodging all the obstacles. A bit.

A better part of Lego Star Wars: A Complete Saga on Ds is actually in the Cantina. Here, you can buy more characters to play as, and even swap their body parts round (well, they are lego).

There is also alot to collect after completing the game, with means you won’t get bored quickly. Oh, and did I forget to mention that all the original sounds are still in there? Yep, Complete saga has all the famous Star Wars music and FX, making the whole game sound brilliant.


Overall, this game doesn’t add much to the first games; if you’ve played them, you’ve played this. But despite the linear levels and easy missions, this game is just so darn addictive! In fact, I might just play it now…



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