Posted by: peanutmaster | March 29, 2008

April Fools Club Penguin!

Visiters to Club Penguin will have noticed that for the last few days the world has had a makeover to suit April Fools Day!

This very amusing new makeover includes Many bulidings looking crude as thouh they have been drawn, The forest being upside-down, being able to waddle super fast in the docks, snow forts melting and the iceberg looks like a drink with ice in! All this mayhem, along with cool new music is by far better than any other CB celebration I have witnessed, as the team obviously put alot of effort into it all.

There are also a fair few freebies to get your hands on, too; a box of swirly glasses can be found floating in the cove, whilst a propeller hat can be obtained inside a box in the ski village. The latest pin is also lying around. To get this crayon-shaped pin just go to the mine and join all the dots together. Yes, the past few weeks have been great for freebies and new tasks, with Saint Patrick’s Day hats available and ven the Migrator washing up. This event set off the new minigame; Aqua Grabber. If you have not yet played this, I fully recommend you should! The aim is to gather all the pieces of Rockhopper’s ship together. Good Luck!

untitled-4.jpg The swirly glasses are in the cove….

redcap.jpg… And the hats in the ski village!


So, enjoy CB for the next few days and gather together a few freebies! Here’s a list of upcoming events on Club Penguin!


Waddle On!


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