Posted by: peanutmaster | March 22, 2008

Daxter – Ready At Dawn Studios – Psp


Who knew that the key to platforming sucess would be to put the sidekick in the spotlight?! And I’m am really not kidding, here; the levels are big, the graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing! 

Daxter is set just before Jak II, where Jak is freed by Daxter in the beggining of the game. This has been the main goal throughout the Daxter game.

Don’t be fooled; Daxter isn’t just a smaller version of the main game – it’s just as big and just as fun! The big differences are that Daxter’s main enemies are giant, metal bugs (you are working as a bug exterminator for an old man named Osmo – why Daxter thinks this going to help him rescue Jak I cannot answer) and the usual weapons have been replaced with quirky, large swatters, bug sprays and a flame thrower! The stages are layed out slightly differently to the ones in Jak – as Daxter you can crawl through tiny gaps and air vents.


No levels are the same – One minute you are atop scaffolding in a construction site, the next you’re on top of a train in a subway. Daxter is never boring, and never repetitive – just pure platforming fun! You are also motivated to replay the levels again and again to find all the Precursor Orbs to unlock extras or minigames (play by jumping on your bed in Osmos shop):

Unlock videos:
1000 Precursor Orbs – Behind the Scenes
700 Precursor Orbs – Concept Art
600 Precursor Orbs – E3 2005 Trailer
900 Precursor Orbs – Game in Construction
800 Precursor Orbs – Intro Animatic
Unlock Minigames:
1 Precursor Orb – Matrix Minigame
100 Precursor Orbs – Braveheart Minigame
200 Precursor Orbs – Lord Of The Rings Minigame
300 Precursor Orbs – Indiana Jones Minigame
400 Precursor Orbs – Matrix II Minigame
500 Precursor Orbs – Lord Of The Rings II Minigame
Indiana Jones Hat – get gold on the Indiana Jones Minigame.

Jak Mask – The Mask can be found in the prison level, in the second cell block with 3 guards patrolling it. If you sneak behind the guards, following the guards counter clockwise. You will find the key behind the second pillar. Now the first door you see(northeast) open it and smash the picture on the shelf. The Jak Mask is now yours.

Ratchet Mask – The Ratchet Mask is in the Subway level. After the part where you jump from train to train, you’ll come to a section where you have to climb up some net, while avoiding the energy going up it. When you reach the top, look down the side closest to the entrance to next part of the level. Drop down onto the ledge, smash the picture, and you get the mask.

Samos Mask – The Samos Mask is in the Lumbermill stage. After the first bug zapper, you have to pass a few saw blades. After that , if you look to your right, you’ll see a tunnel with a saw blade in it. Look towards your left. You’ll see a stream. Jump off the platform to your left, and hover, staying close to the wall. After a few seconds, you’ll come to a small space in the wall. Inside is the picture. Smash it, and you get the Samos Mask.

Clank Mask – The Clank Mask is in Tanker 1. After Several of the spring pads, you have to climb up a wall. When you get to the top, turn around. there’s another wall you can climb. Hover over to it, climb it, then turn around again. You’ll see the picture on the ledge across from you. Hover over, then smash it.

Human Daxter Mask – The Human Daxter Mask is in the Hotel Level. After the first pipe slide, you run up a slope. When you get to the top, trun around. You should see a ledge. After you get the Flamethrower attachment, you can reach it. On the ledge is the picture. Smash it, and You get the Human Daxter Mask.

Daxter has everything a great platformer should; good visuals, good controls, easy to switch between weapons, great levels – who would have thought that Daxter could have a game of his own – and a good one at that!


If you liked this, try Jak II.


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