Posted by: peanutmaster | March 19, 2008

Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos – Argonaut Games – Ps


An old game that deserved much more…

Most of you will have never played Croc, and maybe never even heard of him! But the fact is, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a brilliant game. As well as looking better than most other PS games, it plays just like Mario 64! The levels are varied and consist of Mind puzzles and almost perfect platforming, and the bosses are original, with creatures like giant ducks, boxing ladybirds, enormous fish, hairy men with jet packs and even a little boy with a bunch of balloons floating over a large hole!


The main goal of Croc is to find all the Gobbos that have been scattered across five islands by the evil Baron Dante. But beware; his minions (the Dante) are guarding them all! You don’t have to rescue all six Gobbos in each level to move on to the next, although to complete the game this is nesessary.


You won’t ever get bored when playing this game, as each level is completely different from the last. As you go about your mission, you’ll traverse icy, desert, cavern and even castle levels. The enemies are just as varied.


Unlock all levels – To unlock every level (including the ones on the Secret island) enter the following code; LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR

The controls of Croc could be a bit easier, as it’s far too easy to fall from a narrow platform. But apart from this, I think this game is amazing. Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos has graphics that are brilliant compared to other PS games, in almost every way. My only question left is why has this game been long forgotten by many?


If you like this, try Mario 64 Ds.



  1. i love croc

  2. I love croc too – it’s my favourite ps1 game. If only they made a new version for the psp or ps3 or something…

  3. mee 2 i have compleated corc im Gt in croc 2

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