Posted by: peanutmaster | March 17, 2008

SBK: Snowboard Kids – Rising Star – Ds


Ever wondered what would happen if Mario and friends decided to get on a snowboard and go down some slopes? For those who do, Snowboard Kids is the closest thing to the answer!

Snowboard Kids is basicly a sweet, anime-esque game that sees some kids in strange clothes boarding down a few slopes from around the world. Nice. But underneath the surface lies gameplaythat owes alot to Mariokart. As you slide around downwards, tapping the screen to pick up speed and using the buttons to pull off tricks in the air, you can collect power ups to use against your opponents. Some power ups are very neat. Get hit by a snowball and you have to blow into the Ds mic to clear your view.

There are a few unlockables to get hold of, like weapon boosts and extra characters. To do this, you need to collect points from around each track. These range from China to Germany to Canada…

Mutiplayer is Okay with SBK: Snowboard Kids, with up to four people racing wirelessly. But it isn’t exactly Mariokart. At least the graphics are good.

 Sadly, this game isn’t anywhere near as good as the N64 original version; it’s just too short and simplistic, meaning this game won’t last you very long at all.


If you liked this, try the original N64 version.


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