Posted by: peanutmaster | March 15, 2008

More Brain Training – Nintendo – Ds

And I still can’t get a brain age below 45…

Good old Dr Kawashima. Yes, that disembodied head that destroys your self-confidence and haunts your your dreams is back to patronise us some more.

And rightly so, because since team Peanutmaster had last played Brain Training, our puny cortexes had withered away and died again. Lucky for us,  ten minutes a day of light (and often punishing!) mental taxation soon got us back in the cerebral saddle.


Brain Training was never a gamer’s game and, to be honest, nothing has really changed.  A casual gamer’s dream, the beguiling combination of mathematical, cognitive and language-based tasks are as devious and clever as ever, but beaver away and within a couple of weeks I guarantee your calendar will genuinely reflect a marked improvement in your mental well-being – potentially helping make you top of the class in school, eminently employable and even ravishingly attractive to members of the opposite gender!

There is a lot to do in More Brain Training – with almost impossible puzzles like ‘Memorise All’ that asks you to… Well, memorise all. There is also over 100 different sudoku puzzles to keep you occupied.


With unlockable tasks to keep you on your toes, a standalone sudoku game and the opportunity to go head-to-head with 15 other brain agers, this is an improvement – albeit slight – on the bestselling original.


If you like this, try Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on Ds.


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