Posted by: peanutmaster | March 15, 2008

Burnout Dominator – Criterion – Ps2, Psp


Burnout Dominator is brilliant. It is easily one of the best Burnout games yet, despite lacking some key features from the previous games…


Yes, Dominator still has the usual modes like Eliminator, Road Rage and Burning Lap. Unfortunately, the Traffic Attack and Crash modes have both been removed. To make up for this, new modes like Maniac, Drift Challenge and Near-Miss Challenge have been added, along with the comeback of Burnouts. For those that don’t know, a burnout is a result of draining a boost bar completely without stopping.

Maniac is one of the new modes in Dominator, and is my favourite. Here, you must dodge traffic (much like in Traffic Attack) whilst pulling off drifts and burns and pretty much being a manic!

arton3971.jpg burnout_dominator2.jpg

But is all this enough to make up for the loss of the legendary Crash Mode. My answer; yes. The tracks are the best yet (although there aren’t many), with areas ranging from Tuscany to an Autobahn, and the graphics are some of the best I have ever seen on Ps2!The gameplay is great, with physics that put Burnout Legends in shadow. Despite lacking a major piece of Burnout action, Dominator is Brilliant.

But the big question is why is Dominator lacking so much?Well, whilst Dominator was being made, Criterion were busy making the prestige of the Burnout series: Paradise. As well as not having the time to add on the missing modes, they wanted to give Crash a break. At least it’s back and better than ever in paradise.

Overall, Dominator is by far one of the best Burnout games in the series. It has stunning graphics, beautiful gameplay and explosions that are quite literally mind-blowing.


If you liked this, try Burnout Revenge or Burnout Paradise.


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