Posted by: peanutmaster | March 12, 2008

Manic Miner – (Zx Spectrum), Online

Manic Miner was an excellent platform/arcade game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. To play this game you had to be fast, accurate and sometimes patient. You couldn’t just kill them all and move on to the next room. I liked this game a lot. It had a good sense of humour – on one level you had to escape running toilets, on another, there’s a Donkey Kong spoof. It was ported to many other computers such as the C64 (Commodore 64), Acorn and BBC computers. It was followed by the eagerly anticipated Jet Set Willy and other sequels. Today, it’s considered a classic platform/arcade game.


Basically, Manic Miner is brilliant. Only one problem; who wants to buy a Zx Spectrum just to play this?! That is why some nice people have made an online version, which you can download now. For FREE!

This new, downloadable version is just the same as the original version but completely remastered! Yep, the music’s better, the graphics are better… Everything is better! Here’s a link to the site to help get you going:



Manic Miner is possibly the greatest platform game of all time and the remastered version is brilliant!


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