Posted by: peanutmaster | March 4, 2008

Super Paper Mario – Nintendo – Wii

Today is Princess peaches wedding day – which raises all sorts of questions. Is the groom wearing red or green? And will Princess Peach be tempted out of her usual pink attire in the name of tradition?


But hang on, something’s not right – the groom is… Bowser! Bad guy Count Bleck has kidnapped peach and marched her up the aisle with Bowser as part of his evil sheming. It’s time for Mario to warp to where she is – an alternate land sandwiched between dimensions.

Flipside is where you begin you’re adventure – a 2D town full of helpful shopkeepers and doors to other worlds. It all looks very basic – but there is more going on than meets the eye. Mario’s new ability to flip into 3D allows him to view the world from a unique viewpoint. Giant spiky balls impossible to leap over in 2D suddenly become millimeter-thin and easy to side-step around. Impossible puzzles are solved as hidden pipes are and paths are revealed. Perspectives and angles are played with in every way imaginable, allowing you to hop along distant painted mountains and turn your 2D self sideways to become invisible and invulnerable to enemies. This unique twist makes Paper Mario’s eight worlds a lot bigger than they would be otherwise, and gives the game some ingenious puzzles.



Eventually unlocking three extra characters (Peach, Bowser and Luigi, each with special abilities) and being able to quickly swap between them adds more layers to gameplay, as do the collectable Pixls. These fairy-like flyers give you special powers and work like the items in a zelda game. Boomber the Pixl can plant bombs, Dottie shrinks you to the size of a gnat and Thudly gives you the power of stomping! Having a new Pixl suddenly opens up new areas in flipside – holes can be blown in cracks and walls knocked down. With all the item collecting, fetch quests and levelling up, Paper Mario feels partly like an RPG. But the 2D platform jumping, boss fights and enemy stomping are very reminiscent of old school Mario. Some of the old bad guys are back too – Here come the Boos and Piranha Plants! Even some of the power ups are very retro-looking. Zelda crossed with Mario – it’s a dream come true!


The visuals aren’t always lovely to look at, and are a bit sparse in 3D – perhaps partly because this game was originally made fro the GameCube. But this is still going to be a joy to play for any Nintendo fan. It’s packed with clever puzzles and cheeky humour that pokes fun at Mario’s universe. And despite the inclusion of one annoyingly long fetch quest and levels where it’s possible to undo ten minutes of gaming with one slip, most of the game is a glorious journey that combines a refreshingly original, twisty-flippy design with everything we have all ever loved about Mario games.


Yes, the graphics are very inventive, but they could have tried harder in some places, the gameplay is imaginative and fun, with bright and varied characters to play as and the puzzles are very different to anything I’ve seen before. Paper Mario takes a couple of days to complete, but then there is lots to unlock afterwards, making this a very long-lasting game.




If you liked this, try New Super Mario Bros on Ds, or Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters on Psp.




  1. Im really stuck on this bit on my game of Super paper Mario I wonder if anyone could help. I am trying to find the third heart pillar. I have already blown up the entrance to a pipe with my bomb pixl. I now stand next to a large terracotta colour wall and am wondering how to find the heart pillar from here. PLease help.
    Kindest regards.

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