Posted by: peanutmaster | March 2, 2008

Crash Boom Bang – Vivendi – Ds

Crash is back! Hello? Anybody? Hello?

There are enough Mario Paries in the world (nine including Mario Party Ds). So Crash Boom Bang gets off  to a very bad start, seeing as it’s a very similar game…

Crash Boom Bang is the sequel to Crash Bash and basically made up of minigames – played against friends or CPU opponents. These are average at best. It is all very repetitive – Collect boxes, blow up balloons, and so on. The multiplayer aspect is made a bit more intresting with the inclusion of being able to send messages to distract rival players. You can also bet on games you are not involved in, giving you an incentive to put off other players. Neat, but not good enough to drag a poor game out of the Bandicoot knacker’s yard.

Overall, Crash Boom Bang passes the time of day in multi-player, but single player is very dull and slow.



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