Posted by: peanutmaster | March 1, 2008

Alien Syndrome – Totally Games – Psp, Wii


Alien Syndrome. This game could have been brilliant, with graphics that show off every aliens unique looks. It could also of had an amazing amount of missions along with a brilliant storyline.

But it has none of that. What it does have is breath-takingly atrocious camera views, very poor graphics and really bad controls…

Alien Syndrome is played as a top-down shooter, with players turning their characters the direction they would like to shoot. The title is set in the far future, where interplanetary space travel is possible. Communication is lost with one of the stations on a distant planet, and Aileen Harding is sent to investigate. She quickly discovers that ‘Alien Syndrome’ is behind the disappearance and decides to fight the enemy.

Ok, this game has bad graphics and poor physics, but will last quite a while – with a total of 40 levels, with 5 bosses and 15 mini-bosses. Players are accompanied by a robotic drone that serves as a storage space for items as well as a backup for the main character. Players will also be able to completely customize their character to expand in-game strategy options. Alien Syndrome will allow you to use 80 different weapons and hundreds of armor types and bonus items. Rely on your loyal droid assistant to fight alongside you and exchange or improve your weapons and armor at any time. Players have both a life meter and a constantly refilling energy meter, with the latter being related to shield power.

The game also features co-op multiplayer for up to 4 people simultaneously on one TV screen for the Wii version. On the PSP version, the game features co-op multiplayer via ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

I think Alien Syndrome is ok. It does have a long lifespan, and a lot of unlockables, extra armor and Extra weapons means you’ll be glued to you’re Wii/Psp for a while. On the other hand, the poor camera views and bad graphics could put you off straight away…


If you liked this, try Spectrobes…


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