Posted by: peanutmaster | February 28, 2008

Turok – Touchstone – Xbox 360, Ps3


Ok, so those nice developers dumped the indian rubbish (hoorah!!!) and now he’s a badass american indian (no, not the indian indian, it’s difficult to understand, ahem)!! let me explain:

Despite being titled “Turok”, the plot bears no relation to the previous games in the series or even the comic books that spawned it, instead it is a reference to the protagonist’s name; Joseph Turok. You play as Joseph Turok, the newest member of Whiskey Company; a team that has been assembled to apprehend the rogue soldier Roland Kane and bring him back to Earth. At first, the crew shuns him, thinking that he is an inexperienced fighter, un-trustable, and a liability. One particular member, Slade, has a grudge against Turok because his brother was killed in the same battle from which Turok fled. Unbeknownst to the team, Kane is in command of a secret paramilitary force funded by the Mendel-Gruman (M-G) Corporation.

The military spaceship that Turok presides in is shot down over a desolate planet, where mutant dinosaurs still roam free. The team later learns that the planet was terraformed, and the creatures were created with accelerated evolution. A platoon of soldiers from Whiskey Company meet at the crash site and make plans to survive. Turok and Slade begin completing missions for Whiskey Company in an attempt to stay alive and stop Kane, with one being to find a locator to call for evac. After multiple excursions with the members of Kane’s military regime, the “Wolf Pack,” Turok manages to lead the survivors to an abandoned spaceship, only to discover that the ship is in ruins.

After exploring a base where the ship is located, they discover that Kane has created a Soldier bug-based bio-toxin capable of killing millions of people. Whiskey Company comes up with a plan to finally stop Kane and escape the planet. A battle ensues, where most of the crew is killed. However, Whiskey Company manages to break into Kane’s headquarters to confront Kane himself. Only 3 of the people in the crew (including Turok) manage to escape in a spaceship, leaving Turok behind at his request to take down Kane. After an ensuing knife battle, Kane is beaten and killed by Turok.

Just as Turok kills Kane, an attacking T-Rex charges at Turok. With only a knife, bow, and a few leftover weapons Turok barely manages to kill the T-Rex. The ship that Whiskey Company has overtaken picks up Turok and leaves the hostile world. Turok and the remaining two crew members – Slade and Shepard, chart a course back to Earth.

This game is actually very clever – you fight Kane’s soldiers while trying not to get your faced mauled off by an angry dino – sounds fun to me! But wait – there’s a twist! You can lead dinos towards an enemy and hide in the shadows as they fight it out (my bet is that the dino wins). When their both dead or dying, you can come out and mop up any resistance that’s left (if there is any)!! This nice little tip will save you time and hassle!

The gameplay is brilliant, everything is very detailed, fast-paced and you`ll never get bored. My favourite bit is when you get a dino with the knife and there’s a gory cutscene(COOL!!!)

Turok is brilliant; the only bad point is that I would want just a little more weaponry to use and mutilate those bad guys!! 


-great game, I would just like to see more weapons…


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