Posted by: peanutmaster | February 28, 2008

Bioshock – 2K Boston – Xbox 360, Pc

 A while ago I posted a claim that a Bioshock review was coming soon. Well, here it is! Sorry for the wait…

I hope you’re not afraid of needles – self injections are frequent in Bioshock!


Well, I must admit,this game is scary!!! Bioshock is a first person shooter created by 2k Boston.

The story is very clever and twists all the way – you start off in a plane crash and swim onto a lighthouse. It is here that you descend into Rapture, an underwater city made by the rich and clever (their haven, so to speak). Sadly, things went wrong because of a drug which the people of Rapture got addicted to and turned into crazed mutants due to withdrawal.

You can make the best of Rapture’s baddies in many ways to help you out. One is to get a mutant to get too close to a little sister and the hulking big daddy will engage in a bloody fight to the death against it to protect his little sister. this will end in killing the mutant and softening up the big daddy for you to kick his barnicle-studded butt!!! The reason for this is so you can get to the guarded Little Sister and get adam,which is the drug that messed Rapure up. This strange drug will improve the powers you get early on in the game, but there’s those big daddys and they are hard to kill….


BIOSHOCK is a great game with great graphics (you can see the water gushing from the tubes, and you can feel that the sea’s trying to take back the city!!!) and there’s a TWIST which will leave you completely amazed!!! The only, small problem is that you’ll  often see an object that you need early on, but annoyingly can’t reach till later!!

This is a great game and is only slightly marred by very small problems.




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