Posted by: peanutmaster | February 21, 2008

Super Mario 64 Ds – Nintendo – Ds

All games should get a second chance, and nearly a decade after the massive Mario 64 was brought out, Mario 64 Ds is rockin’ handheld consoles…


Ok, this game is just a bigger and better version of the older game (with the same name). This time though, it has more levels and 150 stars to collect (30 more than the origional game)! This is great for gamers that are both Mario finatics or new to the games.


The story starts with princess Peach, who sends a letter to Mario. But when he, Luigi, Wario and Yoshi arrive, she cannot be found! Mario decides to investigate and Luigi and Wario soon follow. Yoshi (who is asleep) is left behind. When yoshi wakes, a Lakitu informs him the his friends have not returned, and that he must he must too investigate…

The graphics for Mario 64 Ds are only as good as a usual Ds game, but this is made up for by amazing gameplay – as well as playing as mario, you can be Wario, Yoshi and Luigi! There are seven missions to complete on each of the fifteen levels as well, each needing a different character to complete it.

To access each level, you need to have found a certain amount of stars. The levels vary greatly – from the barracks of a bob-omb war, to a rainbow and a flying airship. This means it does not get very repetitive.



How To Get On The Castle Roof With Only Luigi:

To get this right, you’ll need to be playing as Luigi. Go outside and to the the left of the castle. Now do Luigi’s long jump forward (over the waterfall) and land on the bank. Slowly hop your way upwards until you see the roof of the castle. When you finally achieve this truicky move, you’ll be rewarded with a Bunny, some extra lives and a Power Flower!

Overall, this game is great! With graphics we can live with, a couple of stunning stages and brilliant boss fights, I’ll give this game a rating of…


If you like this, try The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, or New Super Mario Bros.



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